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Red Mango’s New Smoothie

Tropical Mango Smoothie

Red Mango‘s new mango froyo blended in with pineapple makes quite a rejuvenating treat after biking around in the heat! I was so parched after hanging out in Governor’s Island that the first image that caught my eye at Food Gallery 32 was flier Red Mango new smoothie. For just over $5, this drink doesn’t come cheap but it’s really delicious! Smooth and chilling like Ten Ren‘s shaved ice drinks, with just a hint of creaminess from the yogurt. The tropical fruity flavor was also fuller and the sweetness more balanced. Honestly though, I chugged this so fast that I barely remember anything except thinking, “Damn, I should’ve gotten a large…”

Cute Lil' Onigiri~

Also snacked on some onigiri from O-de-ppang! There wasn’t anything too special about these rice balls, except that the nice old couple who ran this shop were extremely sweet. The rice was decent quality, but was held together by just a strip of nori. Furthermore, the filling seemed a bit dry. However, the heart-shaped presentation really struck a chord with my little Asian girliness. I think I would like to try their teppen-yaki sometime.

Complimentary Salad--love that dressing!

All orders from O-de-ppang! comes with a bowl of miso soup and complimentary salad– love that ginger dressing!! (It’s the only dressing I can actually stand as I’m not so fond of eating creamy white stuff with my greens.)


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