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Starbucks Week Day 1

Ok, so as a tribute to Starbucks‘ sweet summer receipt-stamp deal (purchase any item, get a stamped receipt, and get any grande drink for $2 after 2PM) and its refreshing frappuccinos, I’m going to go on a one-week Starbucks diet review rampage! This means I’m going to literally live on Starbucks for a 5-day work week in order to collect stamps in the morning and get free drinks in the afternoon. Game start!

So this morning I strolled over and got a spinach feta wrap, since I love feta and was sorely disappointed. This wrap was tasteless and there was not a hint of feta’s sharp tanginess or rich spinachy taste. It was just…bland.

Spinach Feta Wrap

That day I had also gotten a Sweetened Tazo Green Tea. The trick with Starbucks’ teas is to ask them to blend the ice so you don’t end up with half a cup of ice cubes after finishing up the drink. (I was just teaching this to Ewicka a last week!) The result is a cool cup of Tazo tea with lightly flavored shaved ice on top. However, the drink itself is still too bland for my taste. Starbucks’ green tea does not contain a bit of Japanese matcha-ness or Chinese herbal-ness. It’s pretty much just slightly sweetened water with a tinge of green tea flavor and something else. I’m not exactly sure what this “something else” is, but most Tazo tea seems to have this “something else” taste. Who knows? But who really goes to Starbucks for tea anyways?

Sweetened Tazo Green Tea

Well actually, I do… But only for their green tea frappuccinos, which are a completely different story. Otherwise, stick with Ten Ren or befriend old Asian people who will buy you boxes of high-quality tea leaves from the other side of the world.

I also tried the Kind Plus bar they were selling at select Starbucks locations. By the wrapper, I had initially thought it was dried fruit, but apparently it was an almond cashew omega-3 snack bar. Hmm, health-promoting. Well I decided to give it a shot, as I love omega-3s (yay for salmon and walnuts!) It wasn’t bad at all. I half-expected a gross-tasting health product but the rich crunchy nuts were held together by a chewy maple-flavored honey paste.

Kind Plus Bar Almond Cashew

To wrap it all up, I got some Caramel Wafers for dessert, and my were these fantastic! I wasn’t expecting much from these thin waffle-shaped sandwich cookies, but they packed a delicious rich caramel filling. Sure it was a small amount of caramel, but the taste was so intense that it was perfectly proportioned with the thin crispy wafers. I think this may have just become my new favorite Starbucks snack!

Caramel Wafers

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