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Philly’s Bubble Tea

I was going to open up this post with some sort of profound prologue about starting college in Philadelphia and how this is going to affect the location of my newer posts, but I am way too tired from moving in and adjusting so I’m going to make this post fast.

THE BUBBLE TEA HERE SUCKS!!!! Well, not exactly sucks because my roomie and Mark thought it was good. I suppose I’ve been pampered all my life from drinking the outstanding bubble tea from Ten Ren and Quickly’s. To say that Ten Ren’s bubbles are generous pearls of sweet chewy tapioca that are the sunken treasures in a sea of emollient fruit tea does not even do it justice. And Quickly’s is just cheap without losing authenticity.

The bubble tea at Green Land Tea House however, was no treasure. First of all, I asked for green tea flavor, and the woman gave me green apple. When I told her about this mistake politely, she gave me an irritated look. When she came back with the new green tea cup, it disappointed me. I took a sip and instantly tasted the powder. The tapioca pearls were average-tasting and small. There was almost no delightful green tea aroma and the drink was on the watery side. Plus, it cost $3, which is the same price as Ten Ren’s bubble tea.

Green Tea Bubble Tea

Green Tea Bubble Tea

Although I was let down by my first experience of drinking bubble tea here, I will keep an open mind. Surely somewhere in Philly’s Chinatown aside from Green Land, there must be some delicious bubble tea lurking about! In the meantime, I’m thinking of trying some Philly cheesesteaks and cupcakes!

Grade: D+

Location: Map

210 N 9th St
Philadelphia, PA 19107-1813
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(215) 238-1688

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5 comments on “Philly’s Bubble Tea

  1. Random Guy
    September 23, 2009

    From the picture, it looks like the bubble tea is not freshly made, although I have not been there, so I would not know. Maybe, just maybe, it is possible that because she was irritated, she chose to give you the worst of all of them. :shrugs: and anyways if thats the case, then I screw them.

    And fyi, you might want to learn the slang round here for cheese steaks because if not, the quality of the food they serve will be a lot worse (ya gotta call it cheese steak not phili cheesesteak). Plus i got a cheese steak already and I almost had a heart attack (although it was very good). Like how you’ve been trained in the ways of a connoisseur, i’m a master of fast food so watch out.

    well hope you’re havin fun in phili and i’ll cya round


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  3. Yi
    October 16, 2009

    Bubble tea in philly probably won’t be what your used to in New York… Try Jade harbor or I heard that the bakery with the big orange sign is pretty good.


  4. Yi
    October 16, 2009

    Sorry for the double post, yeah Philly’s bubble tea does suck though…


  5. Kelvin
    February 20, 2010

    Just so you know, even though I’m telling you this now, but you went to one of the worser bubble tea places in Philly. Hopefully you try out a few other places before you conclude that we’re not too great in that department.


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